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What is ABC?

Activity BarCoding is a computer software package that aims to increase the speed and accuracy of your health service’s timesheet recording, tracking of consumable supplies, and capture of patient outcome information. Although information can be entered manually, the system is designed so that staff can use matchbox-sized barcode scanners to scan patients' bracelets and customised scan-cards, which are converted by the system into a time and activity sheet they can edit.  The sheets are then submitted to department heads for approval.  For more information, see ABC Starting Point.


Can I create my own scan cards?

Yes, you can!  When you installed the client software for the barcode reader onto your computer, a barcode font that the scanner can understand was also added to the system.  For information about the process of creating your own scan cards, see Create a new printed barcode.


How do I upload sessions from the scanner?

While logged in in Internet Explorer, plug the scanner into the computer.  Then click the "Load from Scanner" link at the left on the Sessions Editor.  For more details, see Uploading Information.


Can I edit sessions if they are incorrect?

Yes.  If you're in the Grid Style, which is the default Session Editor style, simply click the session.  If it has not yet been submitted, the editor is shown automatically.  If it has been submitted, an "Edit" button is shown at the top to allow you to make changes.


What happens when I hit "Submit"?

When you press the "Submit today" button, all sessions without warnings or errors are submitted for reporting.  If you have been granted auto-approval rights, the sessions are then automatically approved to be included in reports.  If you have not, the sessions are marked as "Pending Approval", and await an administrator to approve them.  Sessions with warnings can be submitted individually by clicking their "Submit" button in the session editor.  For more information, see Submission & Approval.


What happens if I make a mistake?

Unless sessions have been both submitted and approved, they are not included in reports.  So, if you make a mistake, simply go back and correct it.  If you have accidentally submitted an incorrect session, but it has not yet been approved, you can still go back and make changes.


How do I generate reports?

In the top right corner, there is a "Reports" menu.  Clicking it shows a drop down of reports available to you.  Click the report you're interested in, fill out the details, and then click "Produce".  If you're an administrator, you can also see a list of the available reports on the administration page.


Can I scan barcodes while the scanner is plugged in?

It is advised that you only use the scanner when it is not connected to the computer via the USB port.


How to change the Username or First Name or Last Name of a staff member?

If you are a super user/administrator in ABC, then you can directly change your username by following the steps mentioned at the link below. If you are not a super user/administrator in ABC, then your supervisor should be able to do it for you referring to the link below. 




Client is upgrading to new Windows version on their machines. Will the existing ABC application work on the new Windows version?


Contact the ABC support team to check if the existing ABC application would work on the new windows version that is being installed on the client machines. If required, ABC would provide a new installer for ABC application that could be tested on few machines on test server having new Windows version at client side. If everything works well, then the new installer could be deployed on all machines on production server by local IT team. However, if there are any issues encountered during this testing, then contact ABC support for further assistance.


How do I change the description of existing intervention?

To change the details of an existing active intervention, refer to the link: Modifying an intervention


I am a Major Group Manager; however, I am unable to view reports for staff in other minor groups from the same major group as mine?


Check your Administrator level in ABC. If the Administrator level is set to “None” or “Discipline Administrator”, then the reports would be displayed only for the staff sharing the same discipline as the Major Group Manager. When the Administrator level is set to “Product Category Administrator”, you will get a drop-down for selecting All or specific disciplines in all the reports. This will enable you to view the data for staff members from all the other minor groups from the same major group as yours.




ABC sessions are not refreshed with patient details from the PAS system. How can it be fixed?

This issue occurs most likely due to the interruption in the communication between the ABC application and the PAS system. Usually this should be fixed automatically within few hours (as soon as the connection is stable again). Wait for a couple of hours and try to refresh the sessions again. If the issue persists after few hours, contact ABC support.

To refresh the sessions, go to "Sessions" page and select the date for which the sessions need to be refreshed using the calendar that appears to the left of the “Sessions” page.

Please click “Refresh Today” from the left hand side menu under “More…” and then click “Revalidate Today”. 




My scanner is detected but does not connect to the computer. How can it be fixed?

This issue usually occurs when all of your USB ports are locked by the PC for some reason. You can try releasing the USB port and then unplug and plug your scanner back in again. To do this, please follow the below steps:


On the ABC application, right click on the scanner icon (just as you would to initialise the scanner) > Advanced > Release Serial Ports


You should receive a message as shown below. Click OK and unplug and plug in your scanner again –




Barcodes page crashing/showing an error message

This error normally occurs when there are some caching issues on the barcodes page.

To fix this issue, the following steps can be taken:

1) Go to any of these pages (Interventions/ Locations/ Sub-Activities).

2) Select any one entry.

4) Click on save.


Above steps should clear the cache on the barcodes page and fix the error.


How to setup or update consumable price?

Please find the link below that describes the steps to setup or update price for a consumable item -

Setup/Update Consumable price


No values displayed in the drop-down on ABC login page

This error usually occurs due to the following two reasons -


1. the site URL is incorrect in the ABC application file(s) mentioned below or

2. there is https protocol instead of http in either of the following 3 files on your computer:


- ABC Application.config

- app.config

- HealthServiceSettings.xml files


Usually these files could be found at the following path on your computer - 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Activity BarCoding\Activity BarCoding Client\


To resolve this issue, please ensure that -

1. the site URL is correct in all the above 3 files (your IT helpdesk should be able to confirm this URL)

2. all the above 3 files have http (not https) in the site URL as shown below:



Error - "Some or all of your scans data are corrupted..."

This issue usually occurs if the scanner was not fully charged or initialized during the scans. It is mostly likely a common scenario where a staff is away on leave for a few days and uses the scanner straightaway upon their return to work without sufficiently charging and re-initializing the scanner. This results in capturing of corrupted data in the scanner. Corrupted scans indicates that some or all scans in the scanner have invalid Date or Time. For example, the time for a particular entry could be 25:15:08 or the date is not in format mm/dd/yyyy. 


To fix the corrupted barcodes, refer to the link: Fixing Corrupted Barcodes


Error - "There is an error loading your xml file"

This error usually occurs due to one of the following 2 reasons -

1. the healthservicesettings.xml file is missing in the ABC app folder ( this file is usually found at this path - C:\Program Files (x86)\Activity BarCoding\Activity BarCoding Client)

2. the healthservicesettings.xml file is blank


In order to resolve this issue, simply copy the above mentioned xml file from another computer where ABC is working fine and paste it on your computer. Close the ABC application and re-open. 


Error - "404 - File or directory not found"

This error usually happens due to Internet Explorer not being able to cache the wesbite properly. This issue could be easily resolved by simply clearing the cache in the Internet Explorer. Kindly refer to the attached document to follow the steps to clear the cache.



Error - "We detected a problem".

This error occurs mostly due to missing ABC client on your computer. Kindly install the ABC client or if it is already installed, kindly uninstall it and install again.

The ABC client installer could be downloaded from the link below (this link also contains instructions on how to install the application) –




During installation, you would need the following information which your IT helpdesk should be able to provide to you –


Site URL                              : http://yoursitename

HealthServiceID                :  Health Service ID code


If you do not have authorization to install the application on your computer, you might need to get your IT team involved to do that for you.


Error - "Unexpected error. Message: Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined." 

This error usually occurs when http:// protocol is missing in either of the following files on the end user computer (where the ABC application is installed):


- ABC Application.config

- app.config

- HealthServiceSettings.xml files


Usually these files could be found at the following path - C:\Program Files (x86)\Activity BarCoding\Activity BarCoding Client\


To solve this issue, ensure that http:// protocol exists in the beginning of the web addresses on all the above mentioned files as shown below:



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