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What is ABC?

Activity BarCoding is a computer software package that aims to increase the speed and accuracy of your health service’s timesheet recording, tracking of consumable supplies, and capture of patient outcome information. Although information can be entered manually, the system is designed so that staff can use matchbox-sized barcode scanners to scan patients' bracelets and customised scan-cards, which are converted by the system into a time and activity sheet they can edit.  The sheets are then submitted to department heads for approval.  For more information, see ABC Starting Point.


Can I create my own scan cards?

Yes, you can!  When you installed the client software for the barcode reader onto your computer, a barcode font that the scanner can understand was also added to the system.  For information about the process of creating your own scan cards, see Create a new printed barcode.


How do I upload sessions from the scanner?

While logged in in Internet Explorer, plug the scanner into the computer.  Then click the "Load from Scanner" link at the left on the Sessions Editor.  For more details, see Uploading Information.


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