Patient Is Not Present


There is a function you can use in the session editor and scan cards that allows you to state if a patient is not present in a session. Your administrator will first need to enable this (see instructions at bottom of page).


How to scan Patient Is Not Present

If you have Patient Present Setting enabled, you should have a "Patient is not present" barcode on your card. 

  • For a session with only one patient where the patient is not present, scan the "Patient is not present" barcode just before or after scanning the patient URNUM.
  • For a session with multiple patients where only one patient is not present, scan the "Patient is not present" barcode AFTER scanning the URNUM of the patient who is not present.
  • For a session with multiple patients where all patients are not present, first scan the "Patient is not present" barcode, and then scan the patient URNUMs afterwards.

When you upload the scans, the session will be flagged with "Patient is not present". If you have made a mistake you can edit it in the session details. E.g. you accidentally scanned "Patient is not present" before the patient URNUMs, and only one of them was not present:

  • Click on the session you wish to edit.
  • Under "Patient Attendance Status", delete the Shared "Patient is not present" flag.
  • Select "Patient is not present" again, and then select the patient who was not present.
  • Click "Add".

    Note: Make sure you click "Add" - if you don't then when you save the session the "Patient is not present flag" will disappear.

            The "Patient is not present" is simply a flag that will flag the patient as not present regardless of how many times you scan this against the patient.



How to enable Patient Present Setting

  • Click on the Options tab, and under Site Settings click "Administrator Settings".
  • Select "HidePatientPresentSetting" and change the Value to 0 to show the Patient Attendance Status in the session editor. (To hide it, change the Value to 1).

When it is enabled, you can use this in the session editor

  • Click on the Session Editor tab, and click on a session.
  • If the patient is not present in the session, click on the plus sign, then select "Patient is not present".
  • Select a patient from the drop down to assign this status to a specific patient or "Shared" to assign to all patient attendances in the list.
  • Click "Add".
  • This can be used to filter the report to only show session data where patient is present or not.

You can also scan a barcode if a patient is not present.

  • Click the Options tab, then Barcodes.
  • Click "New Barcode".
  • Select Action: Add Intervention; Discipline: All; Intervention Type: Patient is not present. Enter text into the barcode box and Save.
  • This barcode is now in the system. To add to your cards, type the barcode text with an asterisk on either end, e.g. *PINP* and change it to the PF Barcode Font.
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