Barcode Scanner Troubleshooting and RMA


Barcode Scanner Troubleshooting

Sometimes your scanner can break, or stop working as it's meant to. If it is broken you can request an RMA to send it in for repair or replacement (if it is still covered under your 1-year warrantee).

However sometimes the problem is simple to fix and you can save time and postage by doing it yourself. Before requesting an RMA please follow the below steps.

  • If the scanner isn't working at all it may be out of battery. Charge for 2.5 hours, reinitialise and try again.
  • If scanner sound isn't working, it may have been turned off. To turn back on press and hold the big button for 10 seconds until it beeps.
  • If laser is working, but isn't scanning, there may be something obstructing it on the glass. Clean the glass and try again. If it is dirty on the inside, or something else is obstructing it on the inside, you can send it to ABC support and we will fix it and return it to you.
  • If the scanner is scanning, but there is an error when uploading to the system, this could be because the timestamp became corrupted. If this happens contact your super user and ask them to follow these steps. If they have any questions about this they can contact ABC directly.

RMA (Return Merchandise Authorisation) 

If none of the above steps are fixing the problem, please fill out the RMA form attached and send to support@activitybarcoding.comActivity BarCoding RMA Request Form.docx

Please supply within the form any details of the problem with the scanner/s so we can diagnose the problem. We will review the RMA and contact you to give you information on returning the scanner/s for repair or replacement.


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