Add an Existing Referral to a Session


If the patient has just one open regular referral, or no regular referral but there's only one open blanket referral, that referral will be selected by default.  However, if two or more regular referrals exist, or no regular referrals but two or more blanket referrals, you will have to select a referral by the directions below.  If no referrals of either type exist, one will have to be created (and then selected by the following method).  If the session has a referral selected by default, but you wish to create a new referral for the session, instructions are at the end of this page.

  • Navigate to the session without a referral.


  • Click the patient number to access the Patient Attendance Editor.


  • Select the referral you want to use from the drop down on the right.  Regular referrals show just the date.  Blanket referrals show the referral source and date.


  • Click "Save".


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