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What is this?

Activity BarCoding is a computer software package that aims to increase the speed and accuracy of your health service’s diary recording. Staff use matchbox-sized barcode scanners to scan patients' bracelets (or medical records). At the end of each day, staff dock their scanners and the system turns the scans into a diary staff can edit and managers can view in reports.

Activity BarCoding is designed to:

  • reduce manual entry,
  • release staff time so they can spend more time with patients,
  • improve the accuracy of the information, and
  • help your managers make better decisions

What can I do with it?

  • Record time & activity, split by activity type (research, teaching & training, management, or clinical care)
  • Record patients seen, referring clinical unit, supplies used & interventions
  • Your staff can use a barcode scanner to record all the above information at the time of the session. Your staff dock the scanner at the end of the day at a computer, and it converts this to a diary they can edit.
  • The scanners have internal clocks so it fills session time, and your staff can dock scanners in the morning if they forget to do it at night.
  • Edit the diary on the computer to correct any mistakes or add any missed sessions.
  • Create referrals for patients to track back time spent by clinical unit.
  • Submit diaries for reporting. Your health service can require diaries to be approved by a manager before use in reports to help staff as they learn local business rules, or automatically approve upon submission for experienced staff.
  • Report on time, activity, supplies & interventions by staff member, referring clinical unit, and discipline in an easy to use, graphical format.
  • Export reports to Excel or PDF for further use.

What’s the advantage?

Using the Activity BarCoding system reduces keystrokes and improves accuracy in the time & activity collection process - freeing up your staff for more productive tasks and providing better information for management decision making and clinical planning. It also allows your staff to produce common reports with ease.

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