Initialising the Scanner


Initialising a scanner sets the scanner clock to your computer time. You will need to do this before the first time you use your scanner or after it runs out of battery.

Ideally if your scanner has not been used for a while, say when you are away for 4 weeks annual leave, it is recommended that you initialise your scanner before you use it again.

To initialise the scanner, log in to ABC and plug your scanner in. Go to the Session Editor tab, and right click on the scanner icon in the top left, then click "Initialise Scanner".



After a few seconds your scanner should beep - this means your scanner has successfully initialised, and is ready to use.

You will only need to do this once before you use the scanner, unless it runs out of batteries.



If your scanner runs out of  batteries you will need to re-initialise it. To do this, follow the same steps as above. Again, it should beep – this means your scanner has successfully initialised and you can use it again.


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