Starting A Trial


Congratulations on starting your trial of Activity BarCoding! This will give you the opportunity to learn how the Activity BarCoding product will help improve your activity reporting capabilities, improving accuracy and reducing the staff effort involved.

This email will detail the action needed from here.

At the top-level, the steps involved in the trial are arranging installation with IT, arranging training with users, trialling the system, and gathering feedback. Please click here for more detail on running a trial.

To configure the system for your needs, we will be asking for the following information:

  • The department undertaking the trial
  • Who are the participants in the trial
  • Which computer will be used in this trial
  • A list of your current interventions that you want to include in the trial (this is optional!)
  • A list of your current supplies that you want to include in the trial (this is optional!)
  • A list of sub-activity types (this is optional - we have clinical care, research, teaching & training, and management)
  • A list of referring units or an organisational diagram
  • A list of locations (this is optional as the referring unit is enough at many hospitals)
  • Contact details for a liaison in IT
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