Session Editor Troubleshooting


There are various errors that may appear when using the session editor. Here is a list of them, and how to resolve them.


Long Session If a session is longer than 4 hours the error ‘Long session’ will appear in the session details. If you click ‘Submit Today’ the long session will not submit, however you can submit it manually by clicking on the session, and then click ‘Submit’.

Cannot Remove all staff – If you try to remove the only staff member in a session a red error will appear saying ‘Cannot Remove all Staff’. The staff member has not been removed. If you wish to change the staff member on the session you will need to first add the other staff, then remove the original.

Staff in multiple sessions at once – If you create two or more sessions that overlap a warning sign will appear on the left of those sessions. If you click on a session, under the Session Details a message says ‘Staff in multiple sessions at once’. You should then re-arrange the sessions so they do not overlap, or change the staff members. The sessions will not submit when you click ‘Submit Today’ but you can submit them individually.

No referral for patient – If you add a patient who has no referral, or remove a referral from a patient, a red error message will appear. Before you can submit the session you will need to choose a referral for the patient, or remove them from the session.

Referral invalid for patient – If you find this error message, you will need to open the referral for the patient, and resolve any errors associated with the referral, before you can submit the session.


Found unknown patients – An unknown (dummy) patient was scanned and has not had the correct URNUM/MRN entered. Do this or remove the patient attendance.

Cost centre is marked non patient time assignable for patient - This error message occurs when the 'allow patient time assigned' attribute of a cost centre has not been selected (to enable this, see below section on "Update cost centre settings")



To rectify this from the session editor directly, follow the below steps:


1.   Click on ‘Patient’ link


2. Make sure the receiving unit is not one of the staff payroll cost centres or cost centre with the 'allow patient time assigned' attribute not selected. If it is, please update this to the correct patient cost centre/receiving unit.


3. Click on the "Referrer" link


4. Update the initial receiving unit to the correct receiving unit (as assigned to the patient in Step 2)


When this patient is seen the next time, it will use the receiving unit/patient cost centre that was assigned n the previous session i.e. the receiving unit information is carried forward, therefore you would only need to do the above once.


Update cost centre settings


If you would like the cost centre to be assignable to a patient, please do the below: 


1. Go to the "Options" tab > "Health Service Structure"


2. Select the desired cost centre


3. In the cost centre editor on the right hand side of the page, tick the "Allow Patient Time Assigned" check box and hit "Save".


This way, you will be able to assign this cost centre/receiving unit to a patient.


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