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Before you can create an intervention you need to create an intervention category type, and an intervention category. Most of the interventions you will use will be under Category Type - Regular. Every installation in ABC will have 'Regular' set up in Intervention Category Type and Category. Normal Interventions will be those with Regular as their intervention type.


Intervention Categories and Intervention Category Types provide the capability to capture additional information types that ABC does not collect by default, such as Service Area.  If you do not need to subgroup your information, the Category Type can contain a single Category with the same name.


Only “Regular”-type Interventions are included in the ‘normal’ Intervention reports – other Intervention Category Types will require specially created reports to display the information to users.


The hierarchy is like this:


Intervention Category Types

Intervention Categories


Intervention Type Price

Having created Interventions, you may want to track the approximate income from staff time so that you can balance income against expense.  To do so, you will need to enter Intervention Type Prices (these are set prices, not hourly). You can also assign different prices depending on the type of patient visit: Inpatient - New Referral; Inpatient - Existing Referral; Outpatient - New Referral; Outpatient - Existing Referral; and No Patient. The prices apply from a set date, and the date of the session the intervention is used in will determine what price is used.

Note: Intervention Type Prices cannot be modified if you make a mistake.  If you need to correct an error, create a new row with the same “Applies From” date and updated price values.

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