Create a New Session


If you missed any sessions during the scanning time, you can always add this session manually to the ABC system. To add these, follow the below steps:

  • On the Session Editor page, click "New Session".

  • The new session will be automatically added to the current time with a half-hour allocation. Adjust the start and end times in the "Duration" field as desired.
  • Managers can also change the date by typing a date into the box, or clicking on the calendar icon and selecting a date. For normal users to have this functionality, they will need to request a manager to temporarily update them to manager privileges.

  • Check that the Activity Type, Sub Activity Type, Group Status, Location and Receiving Unit are correct. If they are not, edit them accordingly. Sub Activity, Location, Intervention and Supply Type boxes are typeable, autocomplete boxes. Once the drop-down box lists the desired item, click to select.
  • If there are any patients or staff members to add, type their ID into the relevant box before pressing "Add". If you make a mistake , press "Delete" and try again.
  • Staff members and patients are added only after you click the "Add" button. Press "Add" after each patient or staff member to make sure they are all added to the session.
  • Add any interventions or supplies by selecting the item from the drop-down, typing the quantity, and choosing a patient's ID (if applicable).
  • Click "Save". You will receive a confirmation message.

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