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First things first: why do we have a submission process? Because data reported through ABC is used for management and regulatory reporting, and we need to have some way for you to let your boss know when you've done editing and you're ready for your data to be used in reports.


After you've submitted your data, your manager (cost centre manager and up) has to approve it. This gives them a chance to review your timesheet and ensure the business rules particular to your health service are being followed.


Managers can give their staff "Auto-approve" status through the Staff Members administration page, which means when you submit your time-sheet, it is automatically included for reporting and no further change can be made to the session. Managers may not want to do this if you are new to the system or their department, or there is a need for increased oversight.


To summarise, there are three approval statuses in the system:

  • Pending Submission – which are waiting to be submitted to a manager for approval

  • Pending Approval – which are waiting for a manager to review and approve sessions

  • Approved – which are being reported on

As a regular user, you can edit your sessions that are pending submission or pending approval.

Only managers can edit approved sessions as these have been included in reports and may cause problems if changed. Your hospital and/or manager may “auto approve” your sessions, in which case when you submit your timesheet, it automatically becomes approved and you can no longer edit these sessions.


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