Update Payroll Unit


  • You can change a staff payroll unit on a session per session basis. In a session, click on the staff number.
  • Select a new payroll unit from the "Payroll Unit" drop down box.
  • It is highly recommended that a session only contains staff members of the same discipline.
  • It is also possible to produce a barcode for this payroll unit and scan it instead of changing it manually from the staff attendance editor.
  • It is very important to scan this barcode immediately after you scan a clinical care activity or a patient URNUM especially for staff who have not only the unit changed, but also the discipline (i.e. from Physiotherapy to Occupational Therapy).
  • This is to make sure the session is registered to the new payroll unit and any barcodes scanned afterwards conform to the new unit (i.e. if interventions belong to the new payroll unit's discipline).
  • Please consult the ABC support team to assist in creating a new payroll unit.

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