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What is the training system?

In addition to the online help manuals, users undergo a two hour training session. The training session concentrates on good scanning practice and a number of walk-thrus on how to scan in various situations. In situations where users are changing business processes (for example, at the Gold Coast, non clinical care time was not previously recorded) an additional seminar on local business rules is necessary. Activity Barcoding recommends a "train the trainer" approach. ABC will provide training materials and a training session for super users (one per department per site is recommended, plus interested management) to enable the super users to train others. This is in addition to specific super-user training, which will ensure familiarity with administration options. This latter session is approximately 3 hours. The entire training approach can be conducted in one day.

Is it difficult to develop new reports if there was a new for one not in the reports developed so far?  If so, is this something our hospital could do, or would we require Activity Barcoding's assistance?

Yes, the reporting question! We are familiar that some vendors attempt to lock in users to their system - we don't. For additional reports, there are five options:
1)         In the intranet version, the data rests on your servers in a SQL database. Your health information managers can directly extract information from the database for custom and/or complex reporting requirements. The table names and structures are straight forward - we have not obfuscated the database contents.
2)         In the intranet version, you can regularly pull data into your existing health information environment (HIE)
3)         Flat-file extracts are available (we will adopt local standards and the AHBG/NAHBC standard extract format), which can be manipulated in programs such as Excel
4)         You can request a report, and if we deem this of sufficient interest and value, will include it in an update of ABC
5)         You can request a report, and we can produce this for you. The standard cost for report development is estimated to be $1000, though this is dependent on the exact nature of the requested report.

Is there any ongoing development of ABC or is the product very mature with little development work envisaged?

Yes, it is our intention to make improvements and upgrades to the product. The annual component of the fee is intended to support this process.

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