The Bar Code Scanner


The scanner is very small and can be attached to your lanyard. It has two buttons, scan and delete. No complex user interfaces. The scanner records the date and time each barcode was scanned, meaning you don't need to type this information in.


Please use a soft, clean cloth. Do not use any solvent, such as alcohol, or any abrasive substances.



The scanner will indicate low batteries by blinking the light red while trying to scan a barcode.


Opticon Scanners: Have a rechargable battery so they don't need replacement batteries. The scanner's battery is charged when the scanner is plugged into the computer's USB port. While the battery is being charged, the light will glow red. When the scanner is connected and the battery is fully charged, the light will glow green.



If your scanner runs out of batteries you will need to re-initialise it. For more information see Initialising the Scanner.


Charge Scanner

To charge a scanner plug it into the USB cable that came with it.

Before the very first use charge the scanner overnight, then recharge for at least 2.5 hours a week.


Scanner memory

To answer a few common questions:

YES the barcode scanner's memory lasts overnight. If you can't upload at the end of a day you can upload at the beginning of the next day.

The barcode scanner has a clock, so it records the date and time you scanning patients, meaning you don't have to enter this data yourself.

Opticon scanners hold up to 1000 scans.

Once you have uploaded from the scanner those scans are automatically deleted from the scanner memory.


Corrupted Scans

Sometimes when the scanner's battery life runs low the timestamps can become corrupted, and you won't be able to upload to ABC. If this happens please contact the ABC team to extract the scans, then recharge and re-initialise your scanner. Unfortunately the scans often won't be able to be interpreted if this happens, so try to ensure you regularly charge your scanner.


Reset Firmware

On a very rare case where your scanner is not working as expected, you may need to re-set your scanner's firmware. You can do this by pushing and holding the small and large buttons at the same time, for 10-20 seconds. Because it may be hard to push and hold the small button, we recommend that you use an un-open pen. The process is complete once the flashing has stopped, and there is a beep. You will need to re-initialise your scanner before using it.


Recycling and Disposal

The icon on the product or package (crossed bin icon) indicates that the product should not be thrown in the home waste bin. The product must be recycled as an electronic product. For proper treatment of end-of-life products consult the section for Environmental care on


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