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Site Settings (System Administrator only)

Clicking save on this page will restart the application. Please ensure that you are not doing this when the application is in use.

Default Health Service

When you log in, you must select your health service. Choosing a health service here allows you to determine the default health service for users connecting to this server. If they have logged in previously or specify the health service in the query string parameters, those settings will override the setting here.

Server-side viewstate caching

This significantly speeds up client access by storing the viewstate on the server. Viewstate data is stored in the database, however, so it relies on a speedy connection between the application server and the database.

Integrated Security

If you can configure the database settings to allow a trusted connection with SQL Server, select this option. This prevents the need for a username and password to the database.  However, the database must be prepared to accept integrated security connections for this option to work.  For more information, see Microsoft Database Security

Database Settings

These settings can only be edited when

a) The database is disconnected
b) The database needs to be upgraded, or
c) The logged in user is a System Administrator.


Test Database Connectivity

Clicking "Test Database Connectivity" allows you to check that your connection to the server's database is sound.  This can be useful for troubleshooting.


Clear ELMAH Logs

ELMAH (Error Logging Modules and Handlers) is a mechanism of ABC used to capture any errors in the system, the details of which are captured in the ELMAH Logs. Over time it can grow quite large, as it continuously captures errors as well as PAS. Sometimes to reduce database size the ELMAH Logs can be cleared. This should only be done by ABC System Administrators.


Run SQL Script

This is used by ABC System Administrators to query the database through SQL statements.


Manage Licenses

Manage Licenses will be used if you change licenses, or get a new license. You may need to use this page to put in your new License key, which would have been issued to you by ABC. To see information about your license, see the L01 License Report.


Administrator Settings

Administrator Settings is used to change views and settings for various parts of the ABC site, such as how many characters can be typed in the comment box (in patient status) or whether "Unknown" or "Dummy" will show for an unknown patient. Contact the ABC team if you wish any changes to be made to the current settings.


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