Session Validation


To get good quality data flowing into management and regulatory reports, the system will apply some validation.

Validations come in two flavours:

- Warnings, which you can override, and

- Failures, which you cannot override and must resolve before the session can be approved and included in reports.

You can always save an invalid session, only submission & approval is affected. For more information on submission and approval, see Submission & Approval.

Session > 4 hours Warning Reduce the duration of the session to 4 hours or less Yes
No staff in session Failure Ensure that there is at least one staff member in the session Yes
Staff in multiple places at once Warning Check all staff for timetabling conflicts. Delete or rearrange sessions to resolve the conflict Yes
No referral for patient Failure Create a referral for the patient, or remove the patient from the session Yes
Referral invalid for patient Failure Open the referral for the patient. Resolve any errors associated with the referral. Yes
Cost centre is marked non patient time assignable for patient Failure

The patient attendance is allocated to a cost centre which has been marked as not allowing clinical care time allocated against it. Either change the cost centre or modify the cost centre so it allows patient time to be assigned.

(See the below section for more information on how to handle this error)

Found unknown patients Failure An unknown (dummy) patient was scanned and has not had the correct URNUM / MRN entered. Do this or remove the patient attendance. No


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