Submit a Session


When submitting a session, you can:
- Submit an entire day's sessions
- Submit sessions one by one

When you submit an entire day, sessions with any warnings will not be submitted at this time. You will either need to clear the warnings and resubmit, or submit these sessions one by one.

Some warnings will prevent you from submitting a session at all.


To see more information about warnings, please see Session Validation.

For more information about the business rules behind submission and approval, please see Submission & Approval.

Submit an entire day:

  • Click the “Submit Today” button on the left to submit all sessions for a day.


Once approved, no further modification to the session is allowed however you can always request your manager to update the session for you.

Submit sessions one-by-one:

You may want to do this when you are part way through editing a day, or a particular session won't auto-submit.

  • Click the session you want to submit.
  • Click "Submit".


About approval

There are three approval statuses in the system:

1. Pending Submission - which are waiting to be submitted to a manager for approval

2. Pending Approval - which are waiting for a manager to review and approve the sessions

3. Approved - which are being reported on.


As a regular user, you can edit your sessions that are pending submission or pending approval. Only managers can edit approved sessions as these have been included in reports and may cause problems if changed. Your hospital and/or manager may "auto approve" your sessions, in which case when you submit your diary, it automatically becomes approved and you can no longer edit these sessions.


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