Add a staff member


  • Navigate to the Staff page.


  • If you want to add the new staff member to your own department (cost centre), you can click "New Staff Member" on the left. System administrators have the ability to add staff members to other health services and departments. To do so, use the tree on the left to navigate to the cost centre in question before clicking "New Staff Member" on the right.

  • If you come up with the error: "Your license doesn't allow you to create or activate any more staff members under this product category" - you may have run out of your allocated staff licenses. To check this run the L01 License report.


The cost centre needs to have been created before you can add staff to it - see Add a facility or location.


  • The default information for a new staff member will appear on the right.  Edit it to suit.

  • Default patient location is the default location for the staff member for IPA sessions.
  • Default non-patient location is the default location for the staff member for NIPA sessions.
  • The two Pay Grade fields assign a preselected pay rate to the staff member for costing reports based on their Level and Grade.
  • The Role field can be used by your health service to provide another axis of report filtering.  For example Nursing might use "RN", "NUM", etc as their roles.  Certain reports can then be filtered to, for example, RN activity only.
  • Management level and administrator level both influence which tasks the staff member is permitted to perform.  The lower levels (with fewer permitted actions) are closer to the top of the drop down.
  • The available management levels are (from lowest to highest) "None", "User", "Cost Centre Administrator", "Minor Group Administrator", "Major Group Administrator", "Health Service Service Administrator", "System Administrator".
  • The available administrator levels (again from lowest to highest) are "None", "Discipline Administrator", and "Product Category Administrator".
  • For more information about permission levels, see Administrative and Management Permission Levels.
  • If a staff member has auto approve, their diaries will be approved as soon as submitted.  This reduces the workload for the administrator that has to look over the diaries for approval, but we recommend manual approval until the user 'gets the hang' of the system.
  • Payroll cost centre is the cost centre that has the staff member on it's payroll. This can be modified on a per-session basis by the user in the session editor.
  • Patient receiving cost centre is the default cost centre that receives the services of the staff member for clinical care sessions.
  • Non-patient receiving cost centre is the default cost centre that pays any charges associated with tasks for the staff member for non-clinical care time, e.g. research.

  • Click the "Save" button at the top or bottom of the screen.

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