Add a Patient to a Session


  • Click on the session to which you want to add a patient attendance. Its details will appear on the right.
  • Type in the MRN / URNUM of the patient under "Patient" and click "Add". If the patient details are already in the Patient Administration System (PAS) their name will appear in place of the number.
  • The patient MRN/URNUM format is set hospital wide on the “Options” > “Health Service Structure” page > Patient Regular Expression box. Additionally, the same needs to be set up on the “Options” > “Barcodes” page > create a new barcode where Action = “Add Patient”. The barcode box will be set to the patient regular expression.
  • The system verifies that the MRN (Medical Record Number) or URNUM you have entered is in the correct format for your hospital. To reduce errors, try to scan the patient's barcode at the time of the patient session.
  • Click the "Save" button to save the session you are editing.
Not able to add a patient? You can only add patients to a clinical care session, or activities with "Sees Patient" set to yes (see Add Activity Type).
Want to make a NIPA session an IPA session? Add a patient - the change happens automatically.
Want to remove a patient? Click the "Delete" link beside a patient's MRN / URNUM.
When adding a patient to a session, you may get the below error if the patient receiving unit is set as one of the staff payroll units and is marked as non patient time assignable:
´╗┐Cost centre is marked non patient time assignable for patient
If this happens, see Session Editor Troubleshooting.
If you don't know the patient number you can click "Unknown" and add the patient number later.
  • To add an unknown, or temporary (dummy) patient to a session, click on "Unknown" underneath the patient number entry box. This will need to be enabled by the ABC System Administrator, please contact them if you wish to enable this feature. 
  • You can also scan a dummy patient, to be later changed to a patient number in the session editor. To do this you may need to make the dummy barcode first.
    Follow the below steps to do this:
    1. Go to the "Options" > "Barcodes" page
    2. Click "New Barcode"
    3. Under "Action" choose "Add Unknown (Dummy) Patient"
    4. Enter the desired barcode in the "Barcode" text box. You can now add this code to your scan sheet and use it in place of a patient barcode.
  • Once you have scanned or created an unknown patient, you can change it to a real patient by clicking on the session, and then the dummy patient number. Then simply type in the patient number to replace the dummy patient, click "Change" and then "Save & Back".
  • You can submit a session with an unknown patient in it if this feature has been enabled by the ABC System Administrator, however this is not recommended. 

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