Change the Date, Time and Duration of an Existing Session


A session will automatically be half an hour in length, from the current time. To change the date, time and duration in a session, follow the below instructions:
  • Click on the session you want to edit. Its details will appear on the right.
  • Managers can change the date by typing in the date box, or clicking on the calendar icon and selecting a date. You can change the start time, end time, or the duration by clicking in the relevant box and typing a different number. If you change the duration it will change the end time of the session, the start time will remain the same. For normal users to have this functionality, they will need to request a manager to temporarily update them to manager privileges.
  • Click the "Save" button to save the session you are editing.
  • Clicking another session saves the session you are editing. Just about everything saves the session you are editing, except navigating to a different tab or closing the browser.
Tip: Use the arrow keys (up or down) on your keyboard to increase and decrease the session duration in 5 minute blocks.
Simply place your cursor on the duration box and then press the up arrow key to increase the duration and the down arrow key to decrease the duration.



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