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(Closed) Cake Chicago Hosts Evening Of Comedy And Live Songs At Red Line Faucet

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Queensryche will be carrying out Extended Suites: Rage For Buy / American Soldier / Empire at the Residence of Blues Sunday, Could 24. (picture: Geoff Tate, singer of Queensryche) This is a unusual opportunity to see this band in such an personal placing - one thing that you don't want to skip! Common Admission bon jovi tickets for 2017 are however offered at the door, which is standing home only.

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Now, WXRT is owned by CBS but it still manages to maintain its hometown sense and community taste. For starters, in this age of task shifts and repeated relocations, the WXRT personnel appears to be to like remaining set at 93.1 on the FM dial. But even jon Bon jovi Tour 2017 though quite a few boast a prolonged tenure at the station, they also appear to like to bounce all over the Live Music scene.

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